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Why Custom Air Fresheners are an Important Tool for Personalized Marketing? Understanding the benefits

Why Custom Air Fresheners are an Important Tool for Personalized Marketing? Understanding the benefits

Oct 20, 2021

Air fresheners have come a long way since their original tree-shaped cutout. At one time, they were a way to get rid of bad odors. Today’s air fresheners does everything from emitting calming scents to branding

Ever wonder how effective a custom air freshener is for personalized marketing? A study conducted by Allied Market Research projects that the air freshener market will garner more than $13,000 million by 2025. Given the rising popularity of this small gift item, it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. 

How? By creating personalized air fresheners. 

What is personalization and why does it matter?

Do you recall those days when seeing your full name in the email subject line felt like a revolutionary offering in digital marketing? In today’s world, personalized customer experiences are an expectation. Examples include receiving product information tailored to your skin type or a newsletter sent to your Inbox with information about your specific dietary needs. Personalization is the leading strategy for driving engagement and building relationships. This is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. 

Personalization matters for two important reasons.

a) Customers expect it every time they interact with you. 

It is easy to understand this through your own experiences. When you visit a brand’s site, do you like seeing offers and recommendations that align with your preferences? What about receiving content that is related to a product you recently bought?

b) Personalization benefits your business.

Not every purchase decision is made rationally. Sometimes, emotions make the decision for us. The personal connection we make with the services and products we purchase is what savvy brands try to leverage. Personalized or contextual marketing fosters loyalty, creates relevancy, and boosts sales. 

Ask yourself, will you purchase from a brand that knows your purchase history, name, preferences, etc.? Probably yes!

Personalization is the best tool to drive brand advocacy. 

Studies show that up to 98 percent of customers will disengage from companies when they do not get a contextual experience. In addition, 58 percent of buyers stated that personalization played a role in their intent to buy. In fact, customers expect to get personalized service with every channel and business they engage with. 

Modern-day personalization has moved ahead of using software to send emails with a customer’s name. Offering personalization means giving customers the right content at all times. It is a discipline within digital marketing, rather than a fad. How seriously are companies taking this?

Netflix will personalize the designs you see on films depending on your browsing patterns. They are shelling out a million dollars to any company that can improve this algorithm! 

Data-Backed Reasons to Personalize Your Marketing

Is there data to support personalized marketing strategies? Yes. 

A study published by Epsilon found that 80 percent of consumers were likely to buy from brands that offered contextual experiences. Statista recently found that 90 percent of U.S. buyers found personalized marketing content very appealing. Lastly, a study by Evergage found that 78 percent of digital marketers find email an effective channel to send personalized information. 

Understanding the benefits.

If you haven’t done so already, there are many reasons why you need to implement contextual customer experiences. Your business will benefit in the following ways:

a) Improves customer experiences.

Let’s take a case example. Imagine a customer receives a flyer in their inbox. This flyer offers tips on skincare and recommends products that will benefit the customer’s skin type. Wouldn’t this make the customer happy? The customer already purchases from the company, so trust is already established. Receiving information that caters to their needs makes the buying decision easier. 

b) Increases brand loyalty and drives revenue.

When a customer provides personal information, they expect to be acknowledged. They are looking for customized services. If your brand takes the time to implement personalized digital marketing strategies, your customer is more likely to purchase from you. They’re more likely to get satisfied. 

c) A shorter sales cycle

When you’re offering customers what they need, you’re shortening the sales cycle. There’s no time spent in finding leads, prospecting the lead, or even overcoming objections. 

d) Better return on investment

It costs more money to acquire new customers than to build sales with existing ones. When you implement personalized experiences, you’re boosting your brand’s revenues. In addition, satisfied customers are more likely to inform their friends and family members about their experiences with your brand. 

Custom Air Fresheners- Important Tool for Personalized Marketing

Customized Air Fresheners are an affordable yet powerful tool to build recall value with customers. 

Here’s how.

1) Create a custom-designed air freshener with your brand’s logo, slogan, colors, and images. Polish it off with text that conveys your brand’s vision. 

2) A customized air freshener is a unique giveaway. Despite their size, they are easy to convert into marketing masterpieces. It’s an idea your competitors are not considering. Shouldn’t you?

3) Personalize the air freshener design with a reminder message from your company. For example, if you are a beauty salon, the air freshener can remind the customer of their next appointment. 

4) Savvy brands understand the special link between scents and memories. With customized air fresheners, you’re tapping into the emotional psyche of your customer. How? When an image or design is infused with a pleasant scent, it creates a positive link. Also called positive reinforcement, it is a compelling advertising tool. 

Lastly, the average driver in the United States spends 1.1 hours behind the wheel every day. It’s the perfect setup to market your business in a subtle yet powerful way. 

Why Air Trends International?

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