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School & University Air Fresheners

Show your Team SpiritTM with Cool School Air Fresheners

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Schools & University air fresheners Custom air fresheners

Promote Your School and Show your Team Spirit !

School Air Fresheners are Great for: Events, Fund-Raisers, Awards, Game Schedules, School Stores & More

  • Air freshener features Great Prices
  • Air freshener features Friendly Service
  • Air freshener features Quality Product
  • Air freshener features Happy Students



Air Freshener Cost: 1000 @ $0.65 = $650

  • Sell @ $3.00 = 360% Profit: $2350
  • Sell @ $4.00 = 515% Profit: $3350
  • Sell @ $5.00 = 669% Profit: $4350

The above school air freshener pricing does not include shipping or special request costs.

Promote your school name, mascot, sport, club, activity or event.
Increase profits over other fund-raisers.
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Air freshener options include : Air freshener options include :

Header cards with your designs

Optional specially created fragrance

Optional custom die-cut shape

Special requests

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