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Custom Air Fresheners bring that Sweet Smell of Success!

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Air Trends International Fundraisers Fundraisers Fund raising air fresheners Fundraisers
  • Air freshener features Huge Profits
  • Air freshener features Easy to Sell
  • Air freshener features Highly Successful
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Put the FUN back in FUNDRAISING

Create awareness and promote your cause with an item people love and will actually want to purchase. Who said fundraisers had to sell boring items that nobody wants. Step outside your same routine and choose a great product to build awareness and inspire your customers. It's a winning strategy!

Air Freshener Cost: 1000 @ $0.75 = $750

  • Sell @ $3.00 Profit: $2250
  • Sell @ $4.00 Profit: $3250
  • Sell @ $5.00 Profit: $4350

Air Freshener Cost: 5000 @ $0.50 = $2500

  • Sell @ $3.00 = 500% Profit: $12,500
  • Sell @ $4.00 = 700% Profit: $17,500
  • Sell @ $5.00 = 900% Profit: $22,500

Above prices are based on a standard shape and standard fragrance.

Are your current fundraising efforts generating these profits?
Why not?
Call us today, and we'll help you get started with a program designed for huge profits.

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