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Custom Car Air Fresheners are a smart and profitable way to promote your business, school, non-profit organization, church or cause and a great way to expand your brand.
Custom Air Fresheners are quite possibly the most perfect form of advertising in today’s market

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Custom Air Fresheners great for Custom Air Fresheners great for:






Political Campaigns

Special occasions, and so much more

Customized Air Fresheners features Customized Air Fresheners features:

Two-sided, full-color printing

Individually wrapped with elastic attached

No minimums

No set-up charges

No hidden fees

Environmentally friendly

Fast, friendly and professional service

When it comes to marketing, WHY send print advertising when a Promotional Air Freshener can say it better, and your message will hang around a lot longer! Air Trends has maintained its global leadership in the manufacturing of quality Air Fresheners for over twenty years servicing companies large and small, schools, non-profits and individuals who won't settle for anything less than the very best.

First recorded perfume maker - Tapputi

Did you know ?

Scent is the most enduring of our senses. Fragrance has the power to transform our emotions, heal our bodies and improve our memories. More companies are discovering the power of fragrance to increase brand recognition and improve customer relations.

A woman named Tapputi is said to be the first recorded perfume maker

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Environmental friendly air fresheners
Environmental friendly

We make environmentally friendly Air Fresheners!