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5 Effective ways to use Custom Air Fresheners to Build your Brand Identity

5 Effective ways to use Custom Air Fresheners to Build your Brand Identity

May 21, 2021

There is hardly anyone that doesn't like working, studying, or even resting in a fresh and clean-smelling environment. Studies have even shown the fragrances around us have a direct impact on our creativity and productivity. Being in a fresh-smelling space helps us work well with better results, whereas doing the same in a foul-smelling place does just the opposite.  

It is the reason why air fresheners have become a staple in our everyday life that we now use everywhere, such as homes, offices, and vehicles. Air fresheners, being a daily use product, have a tremendous market that can be used by any brand trying to build its unique identity. Brands can create custom air fresheners coordinating with the products and services they offer. has an abundance of unique and popular fragrances. You can select the fragrance of your choice and customize the design of the bottle to match it with your brand’s voice.

Our fragrances include everyday scents like Coconut, French Vanilla, Orange, Peppermint, Rose, Strawberry, and Wild Cherry. They also have many musky options such as Leather, New Car, Night Fall (Black Ice Type), Pine, Plumeria, and Pumpkin Spice.

You can even mix two or more scents to create a fragrance for your custom air fresheners. Here are five ways you can use custom air fresheners to build an identity for your brand.

1. These are excellent giveaways for everyone associated with you and your business.

The initial promotion of any brand starts with its employees and business associates. Brands can capitalize on this opportunity by creating unique and custom air fresheners and distributing them among the people associated with their business. These custom products will eventually come to the notice of new people. 

It gives you an ideal opportunity to introduce individuals to your brand and create an identity for it. There is a high probability of these customers reaching out to you to check out the products offered by you. It is the easiest way of generating new customers for your brand.

2. They help you get the word out about your business in a subtle yet brilliant way

If you do not believe in aggressive advertising for your brand, then custom products might be the best option for you. Manufacture custom air fresheners in sample sizes and distribute them among your customers and potential customers. The biggest advertiser for your brand will be the quality of your product.

You can add a custom quote, affirmation, greeting, or a personalized message on to the packing, an indirect way of introducing your brand to new customers. You can even add pictures, symbols, or doodles. These custom air fresheners make a perfect gift for gatherings like birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebratory parties.

3. Custom products like air fresheners help you build your brand identity

If you are a brand that offers specialized products/services, things like custom air fresheners will give you great advertising opportunities. Based on the products you provide, you can make air fresheners that match or compliment your product. The promotion of your brand does not get better than through custom products.

Personalize the packaging of your custom air fresheners with your brand logo, motto, and vision, along with the social media & contact details of your company. You know what customers love when they get all the information in one place. Bonus, it adds a professional touch to it.

By adding attention-grabbing features about your brand, you can ensure that customers gravitate towards your brand. Design eye-catching packaging for your custom air fresheners at the design center on our website.

4. You can use these to raise money for charities that your business supports

If you are looking to create your brand identity while supporting a good cause, you must consider custom air fresheners. Being a widely used item, they are an everyday necessity. Charitable and non-profit organizations, schools, clubs, and other religious establishments sell products like custom air fresheners to raise funds for worthy causes.

Custom air fresheners are affordable products that have a wide margin of profit. For instance, if you order 5000 standard units of the product, the cost for each freshener would be $.50. By selling one piece at $1.50, you earn a margin of 200%, or a 1000% markup, when you sell each unit for $5.00. Even donating 50% of the profit, you will have a considerable surplus.

5. They are great promotional tools for trade shows or exhibitions

If you attend a social event like a workshop, exhibition, or trade fair, giving custom air fresheners can help the people remember you and your brand better. Every time they come across their custom air freshener, they will automatically recall you and your brand. An air freshener is an everyday use product that will surely catch their eye often. 

Now the chances of potential new customers reaching out to you have significantly increased. Custom air fresheners are similar to sharing old-fashioned business cards or bookmarks but on a more personalized level. So next time you are at a marketing event, carry a customized gift product to attract new customers for your brand.

To Sum It Up

These are some new and creative ideas for you on using custom air fresheners to create a new identity for your brand. These ideas will help you in forming long-term relationships with your customers. We hope that incorporating these into your marketing strategy will assist you in creating your brand identity.