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11 Types of Businesses that Could Benefit from Promotional Air Fresheners- A Powerful Advertising tool

11 Types of Businesses that Could Benefit from Promotional Air Fresheners- A Powerful Advertising tool

Jun 18, 2021

Are you searching for a powerful yet cost-effective promotional tool for your next marketing campaign? How does something that looks good, smells great, and is a very lightweight sound? Smells fishy right? No, we are talking about promotional air fresheners.

This is a low-cost and versatile advertising medium. They are also affordable to purchase. In fact, when you buy in bulk, they are even cheaper! You can easily hold a mass direct mailing campaign or place them in giveaway bags at exhibitions, trade shows, or hand them out in the mall. If you want to make a great first impression, create a bespoke designed air freshener.

Wondering which types of businesses stand to gain the most from promotional air fresheners? Here are 11 businesses that do:

1. Auto Dealerships.

Selling vehicles is one aspect of operating and owning a car dealership. You also have the retail kiosk and service center to think about. What is the best way to keep your dealership in the customer’s mind? Give them your custom air freshener with the dealership’s logo and contact information. You may also hang an air freshener in every vehicle that you service. Take it a step further and write the date of the vehicle’s next service appointment on the air freshener. Your customers will appreciate this gesture.

2. Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies can opt for bespoke air fresheners printed with company details and use them as business cards. They can also be handed out as gifts to businesses and customers.

3. Ad Agencies

In the advertising arena, unique and memorable ideas set you apart from the competition. An air freshener is a one-of-a-kind. Create bespoke fresheners that reflect your agency’s logo and services. You can use these as ‘thank you' gifts for clients, business cards, or even hand them out to prospective clients. You may even use air fresheners in a client’s campaign.

4. Charities

Charities can use customized air fresheners to keep their cause at the forefront. These can be given out as a ‘thank you’ to donors. At the next charity event, you can sell them too. These small gifts are a win-win for both parties. They help raise money and advertise your charity’s logo at the same time. Every time the donor or consumer gets into his or her vehicle, they will be welcomed by a revitalizing scent. You may add an inspirational quote or message to make this gift more meaningful.

Purchasing or receiving such a gift helps people feel connected to your organization. People also like to show off their affiliations!

5. Beauty Shops

The sense of smell is one of the most enduring. A pleasant fragrance can enhance memories, transform emotions, and heal bodies. If you own a spa, beauty shop, or nail salon, a bespoke air freshener can be a powerful promotional tool. It will promote your brand, boost sales, and improve customer relationships

6. Hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are infamous for emitting the scent of commercial cleaners. This makes both patients and visitors feel uneasy and anxious. Air fresheners infused with essentials can create a sense of calm and tranquility. These can be hung in patients’ rooms, staff rooms, individual offices, and even waiting rooms. They also make perfect gifts for staff and board members. These air fresheners can be customized to include the hospital’s name, logo, and contact information. They can be handed out to visitors, investors, etc.

7. Sports Organizations

Whether it’s a high school game, a community league, or local sporting event, here’s your big chance to replace over-used sports memorabilia with a beautiful and refreshing souvenir- an air freshener. You may customize the air fresheners with the teams’ logos and sell or hand them out at events. Fans will love and cherish them. It’s a great way to show support for the teams.

8. Retail Stores

What is the best way to close a sale? A heartfelt ‘thank you’ and a gift. A custom-made air freshener makes the perfect gift for customers. Imprinted with the store’s name, logo, simply place one in the bag after closing the sale. Customers will treasure this gift and be more likely to return. They are also more likely to tell their friends about it too, which can increase foot traffic.

9. Gyms

You can create a bespoke freshener to act as your business card. For example, an air freshener shaped like a dumbbell, infused with the scent of lemon oil. Both existing and prospective customers will appreciate the card. Instead of stashing it away, they are more likely to use it. The air freshener will also help mask the odor of smelly gym shoes!   

10. Organizations

Organizations can gain the most benefit from promotional air fresheners to gain publicity for their campaigns. Customize the air freshener with your organization’s name, logo, and scent. This generates a positive impression. Everyone is tired of receiving buttons, pens, and key chains. They usually get tossed into the garbage or drawer.

A tailor-made air freshener will be placed in the recipient’s home, car, or office. Your donors will associate the scent with your cause.


11. Schools & Universities 

Bespoke air fresheners are effective marketing tools. They can be handed out during open houses, student rallies, information sessions, etc. It is a memorable way to promote your institution. Unlike other promotional items, it is more likely to be used. 

So much more…


Who else can benefit from air fresheners?

-      car washes

-      political campaigns

-      start-up companies

-      religious institutions

Whether you are searching for a high-impact promotional item or a subtle reminder, customized air fresheners are an inexpensive and innovative solution. Everyone has tried the t-shirts, mugs, and coasters thing. It is to take the scent approach!

At Air Trends International you can design every aspect of your promotional air freshener to reflect your company/organization’s mission and vision.