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Want to buy Custom air freshener wholesale? Designing and ordering bulk air fresheners is that easy with Air Trends International

Want to buy Custom air freshener wholesale? Designing and ordering bulk air fresheners is that easy with Air Trends International

Aug 20, 2021

This year, 2021 is a time for renewal and hope for businesses. It’s a chance for companies to re-establish customer relationships and rebuild brand awareness. Many businesses are accomplishing this feat through strategies such as commercials, flyers, and social media ads. Unfortunately, many businesses are cash-strapped. With a limited marketing budget, it’s difficult to select an effective sales channel.

You may consider proven advertising techniques such as search engine optimization, podcast, and influencer marketing. However, savvy businesses opt for memorable tactics that impact customers in more than one way. How? By using custom-designed air fresheners.

As a promotional tool, this is an effective way to bounce back in the current economy while still making a positive impact with old and prospective customers.

Why are custom-designed air fresheners smart advertising tools?

1.Custom air fresheners are memorable and practical.

Customers love giveaway items. These create a long-lasting impact on the customer. Unfortunately, most of these items are forgotten because the customer didn’t get any use out of them. This often occurs with promotional items like pens, coasters, posters, and bookmarks.

Luckily, this is where custom air fresheners make a better impression. As a marketing tool, air fresheners are a unique and simple promotional item. You can customize them in any way to reflect your business. Apart from featuring an attractive design, color, font, and message, air fresheners are infused with pleasant scents. The sense of smell is a powerful way to tap into customers’ emotions and memories. In fact, pleasant scents create positive associations in the minds of customers.  Let’s also not forget how practical these tiny items are. Once customers receive air fresheners, most are likely to hang them up in their vehicle, bedroom, or bathroom.

2. Order more, save more.

Businesses can take advantage of the huge cost-saving benefit attached to air fresheners. When your place a customized order at Air Trends International, you can save more by ordering in bulk. For instance, one air freshener costs $10/piece whereas, for 50 fresheners, you’re paying only $1.50/piece. Your savings keep growing as your order amount increases. This leaves you with more money in your operational budget. For businesses that have tight budgets, this money can be put towards product development, hiring employees, etc.

How many advertising methods do you know cost less than $2?

3. Make huge profits with fundraising.

Custom-designed air fresheners are an impactful tool for non-profit organizations. The traditional methods for garnering funding support, auctions, dinners, selling products, etc. are boring and unimaginative. It’s time to use a strategy that builds awareness for the cause, inspires donors and benefactors, and saves money for your organization. Customized air fresheners are beautifully designed and infused with aromatic scents. These are easier to sell than larger items like artwork or vacation packages. In fact, supporters will feel more motivated to purchase them because of their affordable cost. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

4. Small and large businesses can order wholesale and resell.

Bulk-ordered custom air fresheners are capable of generating significant profits for various institutions such as universities, schools, libraries, churches, etc. These organizations often have limited budgets and must rely on government funding and donations to provide their invaluable services.

How can customized air fresheners help? Let’s look at a case example with Air Trends International.

When you place an order for 1000 custom-made air fresheners, it will cost $650 ($0.65/piece). If your organization sells each freshener for $3, you will make a profit of $2,350. Sell the same air freshener for $5, and you will collect $4,350 in profits.

Using bespoke air fresheners enables you to promote your mascot, club, school, event, or activity. The scope for savings and profit margins is much wider with bulk air fresheners compared to other fundraising methods.

5. Design custom air fresheners with your art or ours.

Customizing your business air freshener with Air Trends International is a simple and seamless experience.

Start by:

  1. Visiting our Design Centre page.
  2. Select the shape from the left side of the window panel.
  3. Use the color selector in the right window panel.
  4. Use the toolbar at the top of the page to enter the text of your choice. This can be your brand’s logo, message, contact information, etc.
  5. Select a border by clicking on the border icon.
  6. For the image, feel free to use an image from our clip art selection. You may also upload an image of your liking.
  7. You may select the fragrance of your choice by scrolling down on the Design Centre page. There are additional customization options listed here.
  8. Select preview to view your customized air freshener. If you are happy with the final look, select ‘Save’ at the top of the page.

Our design tool enables you to create a bespoke design on both sides of the air freshener.

Customers are saturated with print and social media advertising. Try something unique and memorable with custom-designed wholesale air fresheners. Our design and bulk ordering system puts you in control of the entire process.  When it comes to imprinting your brand’s message in consumers’ minds, nothing does it better than customized air fresheners.

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