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Custom Air Fresheners Tutorial: How to create fun and cool car air fresheners your way?

Custom Air Fresheners Tutorial: How to create fun and cool car air fresheners your way?

Apr 27, 2021

Car air fresheners can be seen everywhere but don’t you find that most of them are identical? The same kind of images, shapes, and fragrances are boring. They are created in lots and dumped onto the shelves but these fresheners fail to interest unique personalities.

If you are of the ‘unique’ type and hate to go with the ‘typical’ ones, you are probably looking for us. At Air Trends International, no product is the same. Each freshener is created by bringing life to ideas and thoughts, and each is truly exceptional.

What exactly is Air Trends International: Introduction

Air Trends International is an interactive website designed to help you create distinctive and fun air fresheners. There’s also Apps developed for mobile users that you can download to craft unique air fresheners. The company has disrupted the retail market by offering the customers a chance to design their ideas. At Air Trends International, we make top-quality products while not looking down on creativity. Our customer support is also top-notch. We ensure each of our clients is satisfied to the core. We are passionate, ethical, and help our customers express themselves.

Interested? Want to learn how to create whimsical air fresheners?

At Air Trends International, this is simpler than what you thought. Follow these steps to create cool air fresheners your way.

Step 1: Select Shapes

Like an Oval? Or a rectangle? Or do you want a square shape with rounded corners? There are several shapes available on Air Trends International’s Designer. Simply select a shape you appreciate and go ahead. There’s also a color selector on the page where you get access to vibrant colors and shades. Choose one or a few colors for your custom air freshener and take pride in creating an extraordinary product.

Step 2: Choose Your Background

How do you want the background to be? Do you like a colorful floral background? Or do you wish to be a little more modern and love to have a splash of bright hues? What do you think of geometrical patterns and rainbows?

At Air Trends International, you get a wide range of background options to choose from. There are traditional designs and contemporary artistic designs available to cater to the expectations of varied personalities. Choose a background you feel is ideal for your air freshener theme and proceed. You can also choose different backgrounds for the front and back.

If you are unable to make a decision, contact the support professionals for help. They will be more than glad to assist you.

Step 3: Clipart

This is the fun part. Clipart contains many popular and fun symbols that you can explore. These art pieces are ready and can be straight away inserted into your product. Balloons, birds, flowers, smiley, and more..what do you want?

Choose an image and insert it within the red dotted border. Your product is almost ready!

Step 4: Use Custom Text

Type your message where you see ‘Enter text here’. It may be a simple witty message or a promotional message for your business. You can also create messages for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and save the dates. Simply type the custom text and choose the font. The alignment option is also available that you can use to refine your product to perfection.

Step 5: Select Border

The next step is to select a border. After selecting an image and entering your message, choose the border to give your air freshener a striking look. A thick and bold border is ideal if you have a strong message while a sleek border is best suited for humorous messages. The mid-sized border is perfect for business promotions and personalized messages. Designing an air freshener cannot get even easier.

Step 6: Upload Custom Image or Logo

You are close to finishing your product. Once you are done selecting the symbol and border, upload the image you want to see on your custom air freshener. You can choose from the files on your device or get pictures from Facebook. Check the size the system will accept and adjust your image accordingly.

You can also preview how your product looks. If you want changes, you can always reset and modify them.

Final Step: Select Fragrance, Color & Quantity

This is the last step in creating your unique and cool car air freshener. Choose the fragrance from the drop-down list where you can find a range of pleasing aromas such as Strawberry, Cinnamon, Pine, Apple, Rose, Night Fall, and more. Select the color and enter the quantity you want to order. Sit back while we work on your order with attention to detail. Each air freshener will be made and packed with care and delivered on time.

These air fresheners are memorable and help make your business promotions or events successful.

Are you ready to start designing your air freshener?