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Promote Your Business with Wholesale Custom Car Air Fresheners

Promote Your Business with Wholesale Custom Car Air Fresheners

Sep 20, 2021

Are you searching for promotional gift ideas that help get the word out about your business? Consider wholesale custom car air fresheners! Promotional fresheners are a multipurpose and economical option- making them the best advertising and marketing tool.

Benefits of using air fresheners as a marketing & advertising tool.

a) Low cost

Customized air fresheners are cost-effective, especially when you order them in bulk. They can adapt to any budget (big or small). They’re an excellent advertising tool for start-ups, non-profit organizations, and even large organizations.

b) Easy to Distribute

If you’re looking for a versatile item, then car air fresheners can’t be beaten! Their small size and light weight make them easy to distribute. You may place them in goodie bags, or hand them out at trade shows, in malls, or at the next community soccer league game. These small promotional items are easy to fit into mail slots.

c) Customization Options

You can create a bespoke design that captures the mission and vision of your business or company. The customization options include but are not limited to text, font, graphics, images, scents, etc. You may design an air freshener as eye-catching or as subtle as you like. In addition, our promotional fresheners are made using quality pulp that results in a quality product.

d) Unique Promotional Item

Everyone has tried handing out t-shirts, pens, stickers, and mugs. With bespoke car air fresheners, you’re taking a fresh and new approach.

e) People love them

Many research studies show that the most effective promotional items are the ones people keep. Items like pens, pencils, whistles, cups, and hats, are eventually forgotten or thrown away. The brand’s message is often lost. However, with tailored car air fresheners, customers are more likely to keep and use them. When people receive air fresheners as promotional items, they are very quick to use the product. As your marketing tool hangs in their rear-view mirror, releasing its soothing scent, your brand makes its presence known in a subtle yet unforgettable manner.

Create memorable branding and increase customer satisfaction.

When it comes to creating extraordinary branding and building customer approval, nothing can beat the power of scents. Customized air fresheners from Air Trends International are an effective tool to stimulate all the senses. 

The human sense of smell is long-lasting. It can trigger powerful emotional responses and link them to memories. For example, imagine a customer hangs up an air freshener that smells like roses. It may elicit memories from their grandparents’ garden. Beautiful scents have the power to heal as well. For instance, an air freshener infused with lavender oil will bring about a sense of calm and relaxation. Now you can harness the power of exquisite scents to increase brand awareness, boost sales, and develop customer relationships.

 Give out free samples and build customer loyalty.

To get your brand out there, hand out free car air freshener samples to customers. This is also an excellent way to build customer allegiance. In a Brigham Young University study from 2017, researchers examined the benefits of handing out free samples at a coffee shop and grocery store.

The researchers found that samples:

- Are more effective than offering discounts

- Create an immediate increase in sales for up to a week after receiving the sample

- Benefit businesses of all sizes

- Amplify sales for more than 8 weeks

- Made shopping at the store or website more enjoyable

What transpires when a customer takes home a free custom car air freshener?

The following valuable things happen:

- New audiences become aware of your brand while old audiences are re-cemented

- Builds loyalty with current customers

- May generate leads through email sign-ups or website traffic

- Builds a base to increase sales in the long term

The internet enables customers to instantly compare different offers and prices simultaneously. By offering a free sample, you’re taking a different approach from the competition. With the right execution strategy, free car freshener samples can attract new customers and prompt existing shoppers to purchase more. These are desired outcomes for your business and sales.

Use our easy Design Button to Order Bulk Custom Air Freshener.

At Air Trends International, it’s very fast and easy to place an order for custom car air fresheners. Using our design button, you can create bespoke air freshener designs, using our art or yours. Our expert art department staff will assist you with special requests and orders.


We can build custom car fresheners with the following features:

- Individual wrapping

- Full-color print

- Double-sided printing

- Different designs on both sides

- Attached with an elastic


To help you save more money, we will gladly accept bulk orders. The more you order, the more you save. For example, the cost of a single bespoke air freshener is $10. However, when you place a bulk order of 50, an individual unit costs only $1.50.

Our design team can manage special requests as well. Whether you need an air freshener with a unique shape, special scent, special packaging, or you need your order shipped quickly, we can help you out.

Want to learn more about wholesale customized air fresheners? Get in touch with us today.