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Top 10 Promotional Gift Ideas To Consider For 2022

Top 10 Promotional Gift Ideas To Consider For 2022

Dec 15, 2021

Promotional gifts are a vital aspect of a company’s marketing strategy. They tap into an inherent human trait called reciprocity. This is the desire to give something back when an item is received. This need to respond by giving something back is hard-wired into the human brain. For example, remember the time you purchased a gift for someone because they did the same for you. How about when you volunteered for a cause because they handed you a gift.

In business, the strategy of handing out promotional gifts can backfire if it’s not executed correctly. Hand out a poorly thought out item and the company will risk looking inauthentic. When the recipient feels the gift-giving gesture was genuine in its ability to serve or thank, then their need to act similarly is stronger. By understanding how the principle of reciprocity operates, brands can build lasting relationships.

The best way to choose valuable promotional gifts is by being intentional in your choice. Your brand’s gift should be useful, in trend, and ideally have more than one use. Keep in mind, consumers are flooded by marketing gimmicks throughout the day. Your brand has to select promotional products that will shine amidst the noise. Selecting the right gifts will help to forge emotional connections with customers.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of top ten promotional gift ideas for 2022 that your customers and employees will love.

1. Silicone phone wallet.

This item is ideal for the individual who performs all financial transactions through his or her phone and hates carrying a purse or wallet. The phone wallet will easily store debit and credit cards, ID cards, and cash, along with your cell phone. The silicone finish of the wallet safely adheres to the phone. Its finger grip enables the user to carry the phone and wallet contents with ease.

2. Rally towel.

This practical promotional gift item is perfect for sports teams and game events. It’s the best way to convey your brand’s team spirit. The Rally towel is made using 100% hemmed cotton. The towel is available in white and printable in one of several colors. After the game, your employees or customers can easily use the towel for their personal needs.

3. Koozie-Bright Pix.

Enjoy your cool drink for a longer time with this unique promotional gift idea. The Koozie® Can Kooler is made using polyester with foam layering. It also features britePix® technology that enables you to imprint your brand’s logo, message, and image in clear, sharp, and high photographic quality. This item can be customized using a variety of colors, images, print inks, etc.

4. Custom car air fresheners.

These are small promotional gift items that pack a large punch. They are an intelligent way to promote your non-profit organization, business, cause, or brand. Not only are air fresheners beautiful but useful as well. While floating in your car window, they emit a pleasant scent and quietly promote your brand’s key message. Can there be a perfect advertising tool?

In addition, the customization options are endless. They include:

  • Two versus single-sided color printing
  • Individually wrapped with an elastic attachment
  • Choice of images, colors, designs, ink colors, etc.
  • Scent options

5. Drawstring backpack

Give your customers and employees a safe place to store their belongings at the next sports event or trade show with this non-woven shimmer, drawstring backpack. Made from polypropylene, it features a cinch, drawstring closure with a large printing area. This gift item can hold up to ten pounds. There are several color options available.

6. Ion color pen.

This is an evergreen promotional item. Everyone needs a pen. You can never have enough of them. This particular gift pen features a barrel that is shaped like an hourglass for an easy grip. It is available in four design colors and chrome accents in blue and blank ink.

7. Magnet ultra clip.

Deliver your brand’s message directly into consumers’ hands with this useful magnetic clip. It is the ideal giveaway for trade shows, book publishing events, store launches, and more. The clip features an ergonomically designed, rubber grip with ample space to imprint your brand’s logo and message.

8. Announcement cards.

What’s the best promotional gift to give away at a bridal trade show, birthday, baby show, or party event? Our custom-designed announcement cards! Whatever the event may be, these announcement cards will help get the word out. This special gift will put a smile on your customer’s face.

The customization options are plenty and include your choice of images, fonts, ink color, paper material, and much more!

9. Sticky note pads.

If you’re looking for the ideal branding gift item, then our sticky note pads are it! These are small, useful, and cute products that don’t take up too much room on an already busy desk. You may customize these notepads with your brand’s contact details, logo, colors, and taglines. Available in twenty-five-page counts, our notepads are printed using full color. They are ideal for

  • Family members and friends
  • Existing customers
  • Handout items for potential customers
  • Home office
  • Giveaways at hotels, schools, real estate offices, non-profit organizations, etc.

10 Indoor plants.

Create a memorable and long-lasting relationship with your customers by offering gorgeous indoor plants like Elephant Bush, Peace Lily, Money plant, succulents, lucky Bamboo, microgreens, etc. You may also opt for gardening kits that include seeds and soil, or plantable stationery kits. Indoor plants make excellent corporate gift items because they promote health and well-being. They add value to the recipient's life.

Promotional gift items can go a long way in enhancing your brand’s marketing strategy. When selecting these products, ensure they are unique, trending, and have a dual purpose. More importantly, your promotional gift should be meaningful so that your customer feels an emotional connection with it.

Need more promotional gift ideas? Visit Air Trends International today.