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Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees in 2023

Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees in 2023

Dec 29, 2022

The New Year is the time for celebrations. It is also the time to reach out to your employees and strengthen your bond with them. The best way to do it is by offering gifts. Most companies prefer to buy corporate gifts for their employees and clients for the New Year. If you were thinking of buying corporate gifts but didn’t know what to buy, then our guide will help you. 

The gift ideas presented are not meant only for New Year. You can offer these gifts any time of the year to reward your loyal employees and make them feel special. The gifts are useful and are products your employees need and would use regularly. Buy them in bulk and customize them to create the best corporate gifts for 2023. 

Best Gift for Employees 

1. Personalized office supplies (Pen, pencils, notebooks, calendar, etc.) 

Employees require office supplies for their regular use. Gifting them these supplies at the beginning of the year is a good idea. They can then use the gifts throughout the year and don’t have to worry about ordering these items. Some of the common office supplies that everyone needs are pens, pencils, notebooks, calendars, staplers, etc. These common items can be made special by personalizing them by including your brand elements and even the names of the recipients. It would make for a special gift.  

2. Coffee Mugs 

A coffee mug is an ideal gift for the New Year. Coffee mugs would be found on almost all tables. Instead of using a generic mug, let your employees use mugs specially made for them. Print your company name and even the employee name on the mug. Whenever they use the mug, they are also advertising your brand. It is a useful gift your employees would definitely appreciate. 

3. Office Bags 

Everyone needs an office bag to carry things to work. The office bag is a perfect gift. Even if employees have bags, they are likely to wear out over time. So, an office bag would make a great gift. Get a good quality office bag that has plenty of space to store things. Choose a bag with many compartments, so your employees can store all that they want. You can even print your company name and logo on the bag before gifting.  

4. Gift Hampers 

A gift hamper is a very handy gift option. The hamper could contain different kinds of products that would be useful for your employees. It could include office supplies. The hamper could also have cosmetic products or health products. A hamper full of tasty and nutritious snacks is another great idea. You can add a personalized message in the hamper that will make your employee feel special. You have the option to create different hampers, so everyone doesn’t get the same gifts. 

5. Gift Cards 

One of the best gift ideas is a gift card. It is a gift that offers flexibility for the gift recipients. They can use the gift card to buy whatever they like. The gift card can be used on the designated website or at certain stores. They can visit the offline/online store and choose the product of their choice. At the time of checking out, they can use the gift card for payment. It is a convenient gift item that your employees would love. It is easy for you to print gift cards with personalized messages for your loyal team members. 

Customize Gifts and Office Supplies 

Whether it is corporate gifts or office supplies, companies prefer to customize products. Certain gifts are commonly given and the recipient may not be enthused by the gift. Customizing the gift would make it special. When you customize gifts or office supplies, you can include your company name, logo, brand colors, and even a promotional message on the product. 

This would make the gift a customized one meant for your employees and not look like a gift picked out of a gift store shelf. Customizing is a great idea since it helps you as a brand. Whenever your employee uses the product, your branding details are displayed. This gives you publicity and helps in improving brand awareness or recall.  

If you want to customize corporate gifts, then the best option for you is to work with Air Trends International. You can get the best quality products from them and get them customized to your choice. Get your logo and other branding elements printed on the product. Use the products as gifts and also advertise your brand with style. 

Air Trends International offers a variety of personalized products for gifting. You can choose from: 

1. 3-in-1 letter opener. 

2. Silicone awareness wristbands 

3. Backpack with drawstring. 

4. SPF-30 lip balm. 

5. Calendar – stapled or spiraled. 

6. Coffee mug. 

7. Aviator Tumbler. 

8. Hand sanitizer. 

9. Ion pens. 

10. Keychains with bottle opener. 

11. Key light pocket LED. 

12. Can cooler

13. Notepad. 

14. Billboard clip with magnet. 

15. Plastic stadium cup, and many more. 

All you need to do is visit their website, choose the product, upload your logo/image, and make the payments. The gifts will be delivered to your doorstep conveniently. A great way to order corporate gifts.