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7 Points to ensure your brand is Black Friday ready

7 Points to ensure your brand is Black Friday ready

Oct 24, 2022

Black Friday is on November 25th this year. This is the day when brands hope to break all records as consumers go on a buying spree. If you are running a brand, then this is an occasion you must capitalize on. It is important to start preparation early, so you are ready for Black Friday. Here are 7 points that will help you ensure you are ready for the big Black Friday sale. 

1. Remember BFCM is big beyond the US 

BFCM, i.e. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are popular events in the US. But it is important to remember that BCFM is not a US-only event. These days have become so popular that this tradition is in vogue in many countries across the world. If your brand is operating internationally, then you have an opportunity to notch up sales in other markets too. You need to know the markets to target and then offer your products for that market. Ensure you have the ability to deliver to those markets.  

2. Mobile is still the king of e-commerce 

Today most customers use their mobile phones for shopping. Last year’s data shows 71% of purchases happen through mobile devices. It is important that you make your website mobile-friendly. Your website must work as well on mobile devices as it does on a laptop. This is vital if you want to do well on BCFM. Not doing this can hurt you, since customers are unlikely to shop on websites that don’t look good on their mobile phones. 

3. Shoppers love optimization 

BCFM is when large volumes of sales happen. Shoppers are looking for a fast experience while shopping. It is very important that your website is optimized, so it works best. On crucial days, you are likely to see a surge in visitors. You need to test your website to ensure it works fine. The checkout process must be simplified, else you face the risk of customers abandoning the shopping cart. Website speed is a key factor that needs to be optimized, so your customers have a smooth experience using your website.  

4. Understand your customer’s path to purchase 

The path to purchase is very important to understand. You need to know as a marketer from where your customer would come. Which is the channel that got you conversion? Was it social media, your website, ads, or any other source? When you know this, you can ensure you target your customers in a more focused way. Many customers today research products online but go offline to buy. You need to go omnichannel to handle this scenario and give customers options to pick up the products at outlets near them. 

5. Stay Social 

Most of the action happens on social media. Last year, the sales originating from social media tripled in volume. You need to carry out aggressive marketing on social media to promote your brand and products. Regular posts advertising the products you have on offer for Black Friday will help to create anticipation. When you start the sale, put up paid ads to increase your reach. Create a special landing page for your social media customers. Ensure you have attractive offers to tempt them to spend their money. This is a great chance for you to boost your sales. Ensure you maximize it by carrying out focused social media marketing. Use different strategies on different platforms to get the best results.  

6. Customers care about sustainability 

Sustainability is an important issue in today’s world. People care about the environment and about the impact of their activities on the environment. You need to reach out to such customers by ensuring your products are sustainable. Use packaging that is recycled and is either compostable or reusable. Let customers know how you are ensuring sustainability.  

7. Start Earlier & offer Customized Promotional Items  

This is the time of the year when you can maximize your sales. So, start earlier to get an early bird advantage. Don’t wait until the day arrives, you can start much earlier. In fact, Amazon has coined the term ‘Early Black Friday’ to refer to the week prior to this week. Starting early helps you manage the process better and avoids a sudden pileup of orders. 

One of the products you can offer is customized promotional items. Businesses would buy promotional items to gift to clients and employees. If these items can be customized to include the business name, logo, etc. it helps to add value. For BFCM, do include a category for custom promotional items. Some of the promotional items you can consider including are: 

  1. Awareness wristbands to promote a cause (made from silicone). 

  2. Lip Balm with SPF-30. 

  3. A backpack with a drawstring. 

  4. Spiraled calendar. Aviator Tumbler to carry liquids. 

  5. Coffee Mug. 

  6. Keychain cum wrist wrap. 3-in-1 letter opener. 

  7. Koozie can cooler. 

  8. Tote to carry groceries. Key light with pocket LED. 

  9. Ion pen in multiple colors. 

Offering a variety of such promotional items will give many options to corporate clients. They would use this chance to buy in bulk. So, have attractive offers so you can boost your sales during this occasion.