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Promotional Products: A Budget-Friendly Offline Marketing Strategy for Startups

Promotional Products: A Budget-Friendly Offline Marketing Strategy for Startups

Jul 29, 2021

When you launch a startup, the goal is to quickly get the word out about your business. What is the best way to accomplish this feat? Using promotional products. This is an offline marketing strategy that works!

Importance of Brand Building for Startups

As a new business, it’s vital to get your brand and its message is known. Why? Recognized brands are more likely to grow.  Brand building can help your business:

Develop trust with customers- This requires a strong company image. A customer is more likely to trust familiar brands over unknown ones. For example, when you visit the grocery store to purchase cereal, which product do you purchase? You are more likely to pick up the brand you are acquainted with versus the generic or the store brand.

Boosts employee motivation and morale- Brand reputation strengthens employee loyalty and motivation. Businesses with a good working culture and brand identity are more likely to retain their current employees for a long time.  People are less likely to apply to companies with bad reputations.

Helps shape customer loyalty- It’s harder than ever to build brand loyalty. Customers can easily search for better deals and make quick comparisons. If your brand offers products that can add value or solve customers’ problems, you will build loyalty.

Why Do Offline Strategies Work?

Businesses that succeed use a combination of offline and online marketing ideas. This means success does not solely lie in digital marketing. Offline methods such as branded giveaways, promotional products, and sidewalk ads are still effective at spreading the word about your brand. In fact, these strategies are subtle yet effective to advertise your business name. Here’s why offline marketing tactics still work:

Affordability- Digital marketing can be expensive for start-ups with a limited budget. Certain offline marketing approaches like handing out customized air fresheners, pens, t-shirts, etc. are more affordable.

Value- When customers and prospects receive free giveaways, they are more likely to keep and use them. For example, a custom printed air freshener with your company logo will be hung in the car. In this way, your business brand makes itself present.

Quick- Offline methods rapidly broadcast your business image. This means you will notice results faster.

Authenticity- Credibility is still a big issue with digital marketing. Offline marketing using promotional items directly connects with customers in a tangible way. What people can see and experience, they are likely to trust.

Custom Air Fresheners with Your Company Logo

Air fresheners make the perfect promotional item for start-ups. They are small and easy to carry. Air fresheners are affordable to purchase and tailor. For instance, if you purchase custom air fresheners in bulk , you will get them at a discount. This is great news for budget-strapped start-ups. Air fresheners are also beautifully designed and infused with aromatic oils. When you combine the perfect design aesthetic with scents, you get a powerful marketing tool. Scents trigger happy feelings and memories.

When a customer or prospect receives an air freshener with your company logo, they are likely to keep it and even use the item. Your brand will make its subtle presence known. In addition, the aromatic oil will also generate positive feelings towards your promotional item and consequently towards your brand.

Promotional Products and Branding

Promotional items are an excellent way to build relationships with both existing and new customers. They can build brand awareness and reinforce your brand’s recognition in a delicate yet effective way.

Here’s our list of unique and memorable promotional products to help with your business branding-

1. Air Fresheners- These small giveaways pack a powerful marketing punch. You can customize nearly every aspect to meet your business’s needs. From the design, font, and color to the scent and shape, the options to create a customized air freshener are limitless.

2. Anti-Microbial Click Pens- This is an ever-useful promotional item. Our anti-microbial click pens are perfect for any season. They are coated with an EPA-approved additive that inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. Equipped with a break-resistance pocket clip and plunging action tip, this is a beneficial item for customers.

3. Silicone Awareness Wrist Bands- This is a highly customizable product. Apart from designing it with your company logo, you can use it for team building, to support a cause, and even as a fundraiser. These wrist bands are stylish, beautiful, and durable.

4. SPF 30- Lip Balm- This promotional item offers extreme value and branding at the same time. The SPF 30 Lip Balm provides effective sun protection and moisturization. In an era where health and well-being are becoming the leading focus, this giveaway will be regarded as invaluable by customers.

Custom Business Cards

A good business card conveys its company name, contact information, logo, and image in a space limited to 2 to 3.5 inches (8.89 cm). You won’t have time to meet and greet every single prospect, so your business card has to do the networking for you.

A prospect will judge your business card on its design, color palette, wording, images, and texture. Keep your business card simple yet communicative. This doesn’t mean they have to be boring. In fact, unique designs are more likely to be kept!

A prospect should be able to understand what you are all about by looking at your business card.

At Air Trends International, we create customized promotional items such as air fresheners, business cards, pens, and wrist bands. Let us help you advertise with style. Get in touch with us today!