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9 Giveaway Ideas for Businesses to Win Customers and Promote Brand Loyalty

9 Giveaway Ideas for Businesses to Win Customers and Promote Brand Loyalty

Feb 16, 2022

Businesses need to be proactive in promoting themselves. If you are running a business, then you need to use different strategies to promote your business. One of the strategies is to offer giveaways to customers. These giveaways would attract customers and help in promoting the business

If you want to win over customers and reward your loyal customers, you can consider giveaways to customers. We have 9 ideas for giveaways that will help your business in winning over customers.

Why use giveaways as a strategy?

Giveaways are freebies and who doesn’t love them? If you have a good following on social media, then giveaways can help you in a big way. You can offer the giveaway in exchange for their email address that you can use later to send newsletters.

A giveaway can help you get new customers and also helps to keep existing customers happy. It is a good way to promote your brand while engaging with potential and existing customers. You can even collaborate with other businesses while offering giveaways.

Whatever is your business’s goal, you can make use of giveaways as a great promotion idea.

9 Giveaway Ideas to Implement

1) Sweepstakes

Implementing sweepstakes is easy. Anyone can get a chance to be part of the sweepstakes. All they have to do is carry out some action. You can ask them to follow you on social media or enter their email address. At the end of the timeframe announced, one or a few of the participants can be announced as the winner(s). You can give a prize, a free product, or anything that can help promote your brand. You can do this offline by asking people to drop their name & email in a bowl or can be done online.

2) Raffle

A raffle is done by offering a ticket to each customer who buys products. Usually, customers get tickets based on the amount of money they spend on purchasing your products. You can use the raffle to sell your product and also collect customer data that you can use for future marketing campaigns. At the end of the timeframe, you can offer prizes or even discount coupons to everyone.

3) Photo contest

The concept of a photo contest is simple. Customers need to buy your product and take a photo of themselves with the product. They then need to share the photo on their social media account and tag you. They should also follow you on social media. Choose any of the photos you like as the winner and offer them discount coupons or a free product. This is a good way to boost your social media presence.

4) Surprise Coupon

You can offer a surprise coupon to any of your customers. You can use customers visiting your store to pick a coupon from a bowl or they can send their email ID and you can send them a coupon. The coupon will reveal the gift or the extent of the discount. This is a fun giveaway idea that helps you reward your loyal customers.

5) Quiz

A quiz is a survey where you send questions to your customers to find out their opinion on your product and business. You can use this quiz to find out how happy your customers are. Customers who participate by submitting their answers can even get a discount coupon, a gift, or a free product.

6) Hashtag contest

A hashtag contest is run on social media sites where you encourage people to post using your hashtag to be eligible for a gift. This helps you trend the hashtag helping you get publicity for your brand. You can offer gifts to the winner or even offer a chance for all participants to win a product.

7) Free product with purchases

For every purchase, you can offer a free product. It need not be your product but can be a product of value like an air freshener. Since most people have cars, a car air freshener will be a handy free product to give. You can customize the air freshener and brand it by printing your brand name, logo, and message. It creates brand recall and also works as a great promotional strategy. A photo air freshener can be a fun gift. You can print any photo of your choice on the air freshener making it look strikingly different.

8) Discount

Once a customer buys your product, you need to try to make them loyal customers who would purchase repeatedly. The best way to do this is by offering a discount coupon for their next purchase. Through this strategy, you will encourage existing customers to buy again.

9) Spin the wheel

A spin the wheel giveaway is a fun idea to give away something. You can ask customers to spin a wheel (in the store or online). Once the wheel stops, the arrow would point to something on the wheel. The customer wins whatever is written on the wheel making each customer an equal chance of winning something big.