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5 Key Tips for a Great Digital Experience

5 Key Tips for a Great Digital Experience

Jun 22, 2022

Offering a great digital experience for customer can help you win over customers. What is a great digital experience? It is the experience customers get when they visit your digital channels. Today’s customers have exacting demands. They expect websites to load within 3 seconds. They want a seamless experience when they move from one channel to another.

If you can provide this, then you can offer a great digital experience that will delight your customer. Here are five valuable tips that will help your brand offer a great digital customer experience.

5 Tips to enhance customer digital experience


1) Offer great digital user interactions on all channels

Customers expect a seamless digital experience. Whether they visit your website on a laptop or a mobile, they expect the same experience. It is important to note 88% customers are unlikely to come back to your website if they have a poor digital experience.

If you want to achieve this, then the first thing to do is understand customer behavior. Based on this, map the customer journey and use this as a key input. There are key moments during the customer journey that lead to brand perception and loyalty. Identifying these moments and optimizing them is the secret to offering a great digital experience.

2) Provide a user experience that is consistent

When customers visit any of your channels, their experience needs to be consistent. When your customer visits any of your channels, they should be able to continue from where they left off. The information provided on one channel must be available with the others to ensure consistency. Failure to do so can frustrate the customer.

Consistency in providing a great user experience can help you ensure customer delight. It is important that the experience be optimized based on the channel that the customer is using. Whether it is at the brick and mortar store, the website, or from a mobile consistency is the key to a great customer experience.

3) Let the user interactions be easy and convenient

User interactions need to be easy and convenient. A great way to do this is to use AI-powered bots during a live chat session. Interestingly, 92% customers said in a survey they were satisfied when they used live chat support with 64% of them being happy to get service from a bit.

Navigation and the design of the website also makes the user interaction a good one. Having simple features like an easy search option makes navigation easy. A simple page design with a proper layout and whitespace makes the website attractive. All these enhance the user interaction.

4) Personalized Services and Messaging

It is very important that customers are made to feel special. This objective can be achieved by doing something as simple as personalizing the product sent to them. A study showed 91% of customers would prefer brands that remember and recognize them. Personalization helps the brand to connect better with customers.

A great way to do this is by offering a gift like a custom air freshener. This car freshener can be personalized by adding a message from your brand. You can add the brand’s colors and logo. Since the air freshener would be visible in the car at all times, it helps to create brand recall. Brands can use such personalized gifts to create a better connect with customers.

5) Ensure the great experience does not end

A mistake brands make is to focus on creating a great experience once, but they do not sustain it. The process of offering a great experience should never end. It should continue and not focus just on customer acquisition but also look at customer retention. When the great experience does not end, it ensures customers become loyal to the brand.

If you can increase your customer retention by 5%, you can boost your profits by anywhere from 25% to 95%. All you need to do is continue to ensure customer gets a great experience even after the sale. Sending product tips, doing a post-sale survey, and sending a branded email after purchase are some ways of continuing to offer a great customer experience.