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Welcome to Air Trends’ Blog

Welcome to Air Trends’ Blog

Jun 02, 2009

Hello, and welcome to the Air Trends International blog.  Air Trends was created in 1996 to make whimsical air fresheners, because trees and leaves seemed a little boring to us.  We started out with fabulous animal prints, aliens, angels, and a great line of monster designs from acclaimed artist, Gary Barker.  Since then, we’ve expanded our focus to include promotional and specialized custom car air fresheners for the global market as well as individual use.   Click here to see some of our favorites.
Fragrance is an interesting subject, and in a future blog, we hope to talk about the effects of scent and how it affects our lives.  We’d also like to tell you a little about some of the new things we are doing in custom printing.  Please check back for new postings.  We’ll do our best to inform you and hopefully inspire you to look at fragrance in a whole new way. 
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