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Refreshing the world one airfreshener at a time

Refreshing the world one airfreshener at a time

Jul 31, 2009

Scent is an interesting thing.  A baby’s first experience with scent is identifying its mother.  Throughout childhood, we collect memories laden with scents.
Scents evoke memories and make our world a more interesting place.  The scent of a grandmother’s rose garden is brought to mind as an adult smelling the fragrance of a single rose.  The scent of bubble gum, the smell of a campfire, the ocean, and freshly cut grass all are deeply imbedded in our memories.  
Two of my earliest childhood memories associated with scent are the way the air smells right before a thunderstorm.  The sudden electricity and ozone refreshing the air long before the first cloud appears on the horizon takes me back to summers past.  Memories of our holiday dinners with the aroma of succulent foods, candles and flowers bring back happy thoughts of my family and friends.  
Our best-selling fragrances are Vanilla Bean, Wild Berry, and a floral mix, Plumeria.  Interesting!  They can be related back to childhood.  Fresh baked cookies, fruits picked right from the vine and sweet-smelling flowers!  Click here to see our refreshing fragrances.
How can fragrance affect the aging process?  That’s next time.