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How to effectively Market & Advertise your Auto Cleaning & Detailing Business

How to effectively Market & Advertise your Auto Cleaning & Detailing Business

Oct 16, 2020

According to the automobile purchasing statistics in the USA, merely 17 million vehicles were purchased until 2019. This figure includes both auto and light truck vehicle purchases in the country. On the other hand, the sale of used vehicles kept growing year on year and was recorded at 40.8 million in 2019. This clarifies that the market for resale remains lucrative than the new car market.

The current trend indicates that people are more likely to stick around with the vehicles they own, rather than going for a new purchase. The economic impact of the pandemic has also severely influenced the purchasing capacities of the people.

Meanwhile, services such as auto cleaning and car conditioning will be the next imperative for several years, in the near future. The need for increasing the retention value of the vehicle is all set to amplify, from both retaining and reselling perspective.

Retain the value of the vehicle

The worth of the vehicle is determined by how well kept and conditioned from the interior, as well as exterior. With comprehensive auto detailing services, one can make sure that their vehicle remains as good as new. Processes like car waxing and reconditioning of the car body with special coating heals the vehicle.

The simple application of innovative auto detailing services such as paint protection and shield, anti-rodent treatment, and waterless car wash has been introduced to make every vehicle invincible. As a reason, the more times you opt for protection, the more your vehicle condition remains updated. Auto detailing is a perfect and cost-effective process for vehicle retention. It is highly recommended for people who have recently purchased or have owned a vehicle for the past year.

Reduce damage and adopt protection tactics

A car is susceptible to water impact, harsh weather, environmental changes, and fetid smell due to moisture/over-usage. Many such conditions deplete the quality of the exterior and interior, exposing it to other underlying problems. As the engine needs periodic tuning and maintenance, auto detailing conditions the vehicle for facing the impact of external forces.

Auto detailing and cleaning of the vehicle not merely helps in improving its condition but also enables you to maintain what you have owned. Car vacuuming to dashboard conditioning, upholstery cleaning, wax coating, and seat care, the entire process of car detailing restores and equips the vehicles for further use.

Damages can be reversed

When vehicles are purchased after high investments, then their protection and care become obligatory actions. Occasionally, every car suffers through some accidental damage that alters the appearance. Be it the scratch, cable damage due to rodent attack, or liquid spill on the dashboard and car seats. Such incidents have surely bothered all of us, at least once. Some forms of damages can be irreversible and devalue your vehicle if not fixed urgently.

By simply opting for auto cleaning and detailing services, you can safeguard and reverse the damage. As an owner, you should drive in conditions, which are conducive, clean, and idle for a peaceful drive.

Let the customers know your brand

The vehicle is the owner’s first priority, and they seek the best for its upkeep. Auto cleaning and car detailing facilitate appropriate treatment to the vehicle and only prolongs its life. The ideal way to advertise for your auto cleaning and car detailing brand can’t be easier than creating custom promotional air fresheners. Car air fresheners are a unique and refreshing way to make the customer recall your brand appeal.

Here are some reasons why air car freshener promoting is more effective:

  1. Print advertising and other forms of marketing can leave a giant hole in your pocket. And the outcomes are also not guaranteed.
  2. Promoting and advertising your brand value through a unique fragrance that can be easily kept in a vehicle, increases your brand attachment automatically.
  3. Through the fragrance and design of car air fresheners, customers will feel attached to the services provided to them.
  4. A pleasant and mysterious fragrance attracts our senses, heals our emotions, and heightens our mood. It is the perfect way to attach the brand name with a one-of-a-kind air car freshener.
  5. The car air fresheners are environment-friendly and individually wrapped. Easy to hang anywhere in the car.
  6. You can also choose to design your custom car air freshener with us. Make the design work best for your brand.

Over twenty years in the business, Air Trends International is a leading name in manufacturing quality air fresheners. We also manufacture custom car air fresheners for all kinds of brands at great prices. The pockets of air freshener have elastic attached and they can be tied to any hook or handle. The choice of fragrance varies and can also customize as per the business demand.

The best part of choosing a custom design of a car air freshener is that both sides can be designed as per the requirement and in color. A colored wrap instantly grabs people’s attention. Therefore for promoting the brand, our car air fresheners serve ample opportunity for your brand to showcase your brand message.