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Take Your Fundraising Efforts to A Whole New Level. Try Custom Air Fresheners

Take Your Fundraising Efforts to A Whole New Level. Try Custom Air Fresheners

Nov 23, 2020

Air Trends International’s custom fresheners have revolutionized fundraising, business advertising, and marketing. They are setting new trends and are being used by numerous institutions for multiple purposes, fundraising in particular. Our customers have achieved outstanding results from their fundraising efforts with our customized air fresheners.

Why Is Fundraising Important?

Public institutions such as schools, religious organizations, nonprofits, and clubs work for the good of society. They volunteer to provide aid to people in distress. These acts however come at a price. The institutions need money to keep operating and this is where fundraisers come into the picture. Custom air fresheners perfectly sync with fundraising and spread the word with something people use and enjoy while focusing on to the organization’s cause. If you are involved with any nonprofit organization, you may also want to use these products as return gifts to express your gratitude for those who funded your project.

Create Awareness and Promote Your Cause with An Item People Love

Use custom air fresheners to spread your message. Create awareness by designing a custom air freshener that states the aspects of your cause. A simple yet enduring message with wonderful designs and colors and a refreshing fragrance can help in raising funds. People love fragrances and would enjoy hanging a great-smelling freshener. They like air fresheners in their offices, rooms, and cars to showcase their support for the societal good.

People readily buy air fresheners, particularly when they are meant to raise funds for public projects. For example, a church can easily raise funds for an event by selling custom air fresheners. Simply design them with your spiritual message and maybe the symbol of your faith on the other side. Nonprofits and clubs can design custom air fresheners with their logo on one side and the details of the event they are organizing on the other.

If you are associated with any nonprofit, club or religious institution and looking to get custom air fresheners for fundraising, visit and get started.

At Air Trends International, we create affordable quality products. We also print in full-color and are happy to assist you with your design.

Get Huge Profits When You Buy in Bulk

You will need to reach out to a large number of people when looking to raise funds for an event or ceremony. This means you will need lots of great air fresheners to sell to people wanting to support your cause. Buying in bulk is easy on your budget. Visit Air Trends International. You’ll be glad you did.

Let’s assume you need 1000 high quality air fresheners. At $0.65 per air freshener, the total cost will be only $650.

· If you sell them at $3.00 per piece, you will be earning 360% profit. In other words, you will be raising $2350 for your project.

· If you intend to sell at $4.00 per price, you will be making 515% profit in the process. That’s comes to $3350.

· If you can sell each air freshener at $5.00, you can effortlessly make 669% profit or $4350.

** Please note, the above prices are applicable only for the standard shapes and fragrances. Rates vary for custom designs and scents.

Create Highly Successful Campaigns with Custom Air Fresheners

People love air fresheners, especially beautifully designed and fun ones that smell great. When they are customized to align with your event or theme, your message creates better awareness at a negligible cost. Churches, charities, clubs, and non-profits can use custom designed air fresheners to spread their messages.

Religious institutions use personalized air fresheners to welcome new members, celebrate religious events and inform about upcoming programs. Charities on the other hand can use these products to create awareness among the public about the cause they are working for.

Schools and clubs can promote their teams and events by selling custom air fresheners. Such organizations can add their team pictures, say for instance sports team pictures on the air fresheners when there is a sporting event around the corner. When pictures are combined with refreshing scents and colorful designs, fundraising is easy. Organization members and those associated with the institutions readily buy these products to show their support.

Custom air fresheners are also great for raising funds in times of distress, especially for first responders and support groups.

Choose Air Trends International for Custom Air Fresheners

At Air Trends International, we excel at creating custom air fresheners for fundraisers and other events. We offer fast dependable service with no minimums or set-up charges. And you will find our Customer Service is the best in the business.

Our promotional air fresheners do the work better than any print advertising. Work with us to take your fundraising efforts to a whole new level. Place your bulk order today and let us help you raise the funds you need!