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How I Discovered My New Career Through Air Fresheners…Really!

How I Discovered My New Career Through Air Fresheners…Really!

Aug 31, 2009

Since I’m a longtime customer, the Air Trends team was kind enough to let me write about my experience with air fresheners and how I changed my entire life’s direction by using them.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but please read what I have to say before you make judgments.
I’m a happy outgoing person with lots of friends and a well-balanced life.  I grew up the perfect child.  My siblings were constantly in trouble, but not I.  It was important for me to go along with the crowd, do what was expected of me and to look for the humor in things.   I went to college and majored in accounting, got a great job and thought life was good.  
Then a friend took me to lunch.  He had a new BMW that was amazing, but what caught my eye even more was his girlfriend’s picture on an air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror.  I thought it was about the coolest thing I’d seen and couldn’t wait to order some of my own.  I’m known for a certain expression and decided to use that along with my attempt at drawing stick figures.  Well, my co-workers and neighbors thought my air freshener was great.  So, of course, I came up with more one-liners and drawings and made more air fresheners and gave them to family and friends and just about everyone I met.
Dozens of air fresheners later, I realized that I couldn’t wait to make the next ones.  I had pages of jokes, sketches and ideas for more.   My rear-view mirror took on a life of its own, and my car smelled like mom’s apple pie from my favorite diner.  Friends wanted their own personal air fresheners and my help in creating them.  I was spending every extra minute writing gags and drawing doodles and loving it more than anything I’d ever done.  
Almost 3 years from the day I hung my first air freshener, I quit my job and went to work for a small advertising company.  I’ve never had so much fun and never looked back even once.  
I want to thank you Air Trends for giving me the opportunity to find my true passion through air fresheners.