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7 Technological Solutions To Improve Employee Experience In 2022

7 Technological Solutions To Improve Employee Experience In 2022

Jul 25, 2022

Business leaders and HR professionals widely agree that investing to improve the employee experience is worth the effort it takes. However, the process of enhancing the experience is not known to many.

The best answer to this is technology because it provides the best solutions to everything. Here are the best ways to improve employee experience in 2022 that are worth implementing in your business.

1. Learning management system

According to a survey by Gallup, 87% of candidates admitted that they seek jobs offering career development opportunities. A comprehensive learning management system encourages learning and development among your employees to ensure their success.

A learning management system helps maintain compliance and trains them for their job. Additionally, such systems also provide them with tools for career development.

2. Visitor management software

Offices usually have lots of people visiting its premises randing from parcel deliveries to job applicants and clients. Your employees should know that their visitors have been able to access the building and go where they are supposed to.

Customizable silicone wristbands with your company logo can be given to every visitor who enters the building. Not only will they increase your brand awareness, but will also mark them differently from your employees.

Investing in visitor management software will ensure:

  • Visitors can access the building without waiting for too long.
  • Employees are notified when they have a visitor.
  • The visitor experience becomes more streamlined.
  • The front desk staff does not have to log in every visitor manually, significantly reducing their work.

3. Smart access control system

Ensuring complete security in your office building goes a great way in building employee trust in their company. So, investing in a smart building access control system will be an excellent choice for your company. Such smart entry systems automate access to office doors.

Employees can access entry and exit through their smartphones and be assured that their place of work is safe from strangers. Moreover, supplying every employee with a hand sanitizer customized with your company logo will protect them from the germs that strangers might carry.

4. Smart lights and thermostats

According to a survey by Harvard Business Review, 42% of the employees would prefer personalizing their work environment compared to 28% who would opt for unlimited vacation. Although it is difficult to believe, employees enjoy empowerment offered to them through the ability to control their own environment.

By controlling the temperature and lighting, they have the option of personalizing their workspace. So, investing in smart lights and thermostats that employees can control from a smartphone application is a great idea.

5. Shift scheduling software

One of the primary problems in offices is understaffing due to absences. A shift scheduling software bridges this gap by managing and arranging the shifts.

It ensures that every shift is adequately staffed, especially when employees call in sick or have emergencies. Investing in shift scheduling software ensures that employees of a company never suffer due to overburdening.

6. Desk and conference room booking platform

No one wants a fight regarding which department of the company should get the conference room for a particular day. The best room booking platforms have physical sensors placed in the rooms to detect real-time usage and assess if the room is in use.

You can also invest in customizable coffee mugs with your company logo that will sit on every employee's desk and increase your company's level of professionalism. Moreover, if your office space functions in a hybrid model, the ability to book desks for employees planning to come into work, will ensure that the space remains quieter and easier to manage.

7. Employee experience app

Employee experience apps are apps that improve the experience of working in offices. To make them feel more connected to the office and each other, companies should invest in these apps that allow them a chance to optimize their experience in offices.

The best apps are the simplest to use. Employees have to download the app on their personal devices and simply log in using their company email ID.

The best employee experience app should offer the following:

  • Office or building maps that show real-time availability of rooms.
  • Allows feedback from employees and conducts surveys.
  • Enables desk and room booking.
  • Keeps a regular tab on the health and wellness of employees.
  • Integrates itself with devices like smart lights and smart thermostats
  • Allows an online social wall, forums, and digital boards where employees can share news, ask for assistance, and get to know each other more.