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6 Benefits Of eCommerce Product Customization and Personalization

6 Benefits Of eCommerce Product Customization and Personalization

Apr 22, 2022

Customers desire a product that feels like it belongs to them. The optimal customer experience gives shoppers plenty of alternatives and allows them to customize their purchases to their satisfaction. Businesses may achieve this and more with a skilled product customizer.

Ecommerce is transforming retail and the things sold in stores. A close study can reveal a developing tendency toward product personalization when researching in-store retail experiences that has major ramifications for retail brands.

What is eCommerce Product Customization?

With recent advancements in digital and precise manufacturing, firms can now offer customers the option to customize things on online stores as well as offline stores.

Customization enhances the user experience by including the customer in the product design process. A better user experience means more conversions and more sales.

Customization and personalization enable retailers to gain a substantial competitive advantage. Personalization must be on every retailer's business strategy to stay competitive. Here are 6 benefits that prompt every retail business owner to not miss customization in their product design phase.

6 reasons for eCommerce product customization and personalization

1. Customization and Personalization offers a Customized experience

Product customization is gaining popularity among all types of customers. People are more likely to buy something if they can modify it. According to a recent Deloitte report, 36 % of buyers prefer personalized items. If you want to capitalize on this expanding trend, using a product customizer can provide clients with the features they've come to anticipate from numerous firms.

The modern method to woo the customers is to make them a part of the design process. They may choose how the product should appear and feel. Allowing buyers to choose the color, text, image, and other aspects of the final product improves the buying experience, which ultimately benefits the company.

2. It helps you raise the profit margin

E-commerce personalization is not only about higher sales, it is also about satisfied customers. As per surveys, customers don’t hesitate to pay extra if the products are customized to their needs. These customers are most likely to become loyal customers with repeat orders.

Customers understand that bespoke product development requires a specialized setup with dedicated resources for each organization. As a result, clients are willing to pay for greater customized options.

A firm can carefully design a template as well as essential revisions for each customization request and put a higher price tag for a higher profit margin. Customization can be used while you are raising funds. By doing away with boring fundraising campaigns, you can promote customized daily use items like air fresheners that everyone loves. This will not only result in a positive response from the audience but also make your fundraising easier.

3. It helps attract more and more Millenials

A recent study indicated that millennials order about 60% of their products online. As the largest adult demographic in the US, millennials' shopping habits must be understood. Businesses can create unique products that reflect current pop-culture trends, for example.

Understanding the trend, companies can win over Millennials by further customizing their product range. After all, they make up a substantial buyer base. They will be consumers for many years to come, as they are now of legal age. Personalizing products and services for millennials requires more than a name on an email! Personalization may be the secret to attracting millennials.

4. Product Customization and Personalization are budget-friendly

Nobody knows what'll happen and when. No one would have imagined shopping could be done with a single click decades ago. Customization was once a pipe dream. The internet market is being redefined by eCommerce and product customization.

Stocking up on too many things may not be the greatest option in these volatile markets. Preferably, produce only what the customer requires.

Whether it's fashion or presents, trends are shifting faster than ever. You stock a product type and it's out of style in no time. Instead, figure out what items clients desire and their tastes, then design those things accordingly. This reduces product manufacturing costs and the likelihood of a loss. Produce only what clients want, and you're set!

For example, everyone loves an aromatic freshener that uplifts the mood instantly. Be it home, restaurant, or car, you can customize fresheners to fragrances that the customers like instead offering the set standard fragrances. This way you will whatever you make, you sell without piling up the least popular fresheners.

5. Personalization makes high-end items look attractive

When a buyer pays a high price for a luxury product, he hopes that every feature of the product is to his liking. Customer satisfaction can be gained through product customization. Furthermore, it enhances the appearance of that object by integrating elements such as the desired color, images, and so on.

Modern premium luxury brands are developing to accommodate shifting consumer desires. Luxury goods have gotten increasingly individualized in recent years, taking into account a variety of tastes and cultural allusions.

Perfumes and Fresheners are among the best gifts you can present to someone. But if you are gifting then why not make it a little customized? You can print the person’s photo or any memorable incident on the cover. This will not only make the gift more premium but also strengthen the bond you both share.

6. Latest product personalization trends merchandiser must know

Use of AR & VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are two of the most well-known product personalization developments that every other retailer should be aware of. This contributes to the transformation of the entire e-commerce environment. These trends enable customers to provide an 'in-store' experience even when they are not in the store.

CRO Testing

Artificial intelligence can help you improve your conversion rate optimization tests. Qubit, for example, is a customization program that assists shop merchants in personalizing content and optimizing landing pages. Furthermore, it aids in segmenting customers and increasing conversion rates.

Real-time Display

Customers fill out and submit their modification options in the typical approach of product customization. As a result, there was no doubt about seeing the final mockup of how a product will seem. As a result, they would not always get what they wished for. As a result, the number of order returns/replacements would increase. As a result, both the store owner's and the customer's time would be wasted.