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The Best Personalized Gifts for Co-Workers: Custom Coworker Gifts

The Best Personalized Gifts for Co-Workers: Custom Coworker Gifts

Sep 21, 2022

If you are giving a gift to your co-worker, then the best gift would be a personalized or customized one. A gift matters a lot and is a way of sharing your sentiments with someone. When you buy a standard gift available in the shop, it does not resonate with your feelings. 

If you want the gift to be special and the person receiving it to know the gift is special, then consider giving a personalized gift. In the world of gifting personalized gifts are the trend today with more and more people preferring such unique gifts. 

Importance of Personalized Gifts 

Personalized gifts offer a personal touch and allows your personal connection to come through. A gift from the market is just another gift. But a personalized gift is special and the way it is created shows how special it is. 

A personalized or customized gift is a gift that is personalized by including information about the giver or the recipient. For instance, printing the recipient’s name on the gift is a simple way of personalizing the gift. It lets the recipient know the gift was specially made for them.  

A gift can also be personalized by including the sender’s name and details on it. If you run a business and want to give special gifts to your customers, then include your business name, logo, brand colors, and other elements on it. The gift can then also serve as subtle advertising for your business. 

The importance of personalized gift whether to a co-worker or anyone else can be summed up as: 

1. It shows you have taken extra effort to make the gift a special one for the recipient 

2. It celebrates your personal connection with the recipient and shows you want to strengthen the connection.  

3. A personalized gift is something the recipient will always remember and will associate with you. 

4. The gift shows the thought behind the gift, which is to let the recipient know they are special. 

5. It is a gift well suited for every occasion. It can be given to a co-worker, a customer, a friend, or a loved one. It can be given as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or any other occasion.  

Custom Coworker Gift Ideas 

Customized or personalized gifts sell 40% more than the standard gift. This is just one reason why you should consider a customer gift for your coworker. If you are looking for gift ideas for your co-worker, then we have some suggestions for you. Go through these gift ideas and choose the ones you like for the perfect gift for your coworker.  

1) Coffee Bistro Mug 

A coffee bistro mug is the ideal personalized gift for coworkers. It is a gift they would use daily and remember you. The stoneware mug comes with a large C-handle that makes it convenient to use.  

You can customize the mug by adding your business logo on it. The mug is 4.25” tall and 4.75” wide. The mug is available in 3 different colors, you can print the text in any color of your choice.  

2) Keychain – wrist strap 

A keychain – wrist strap is an ideal gift for people who find it difficult to manage various keys they have. It comes with a stretchable elastic band and a key ring. Since it is the form of a wrist strap, it is convenient to carry especially while driving. 

It is available in different colors, and you can customize by printing your logo and any other message on it.  

3) Ion pen – colored 

The Ion pen is an excellent gift for a coworker. In the workplace, a pen is something people need to use daily. The Ion pen is special because it is hourglass-shaped making it convenient to grip.  

It is available in 4 colors and can be convenient customized. The pen works with a plunger action mechanism. 

4) Keychain 

A keychain is one of the most common gift items. Make it special by customizing it with your logo and brand name. The keychain has a 6 mm clip and the strap comes with a split ring.  

The keychain comes in 8 different color options. You can print your promotional message on it by choosing from different color options available.  

5) Aviator tumbler 

An aviator tumbler is a great gift with a modern and sleek design that makes it stand out. Made from stainless steel, the interior wall is lined with Tritan plastic. It ensures hot drinks are hot, while cold drinks remain cold for many hours. 

The tumbler has 18 oz capacity and comes with a spill-resistant lid. The product is available in four different colors and can be conveniently customized. It is an eye-catching gift and when you print your branding elements, it is certain to be noticed. 

Why choose Air Trends International for Advertising? 

When you are looking for personalized gifts, Air Trends International is the best choice. They have a wide assortment of gift options, all of which can be personalized. The advantage of Air Trends International is that it can be used by businesses as a promotional product. You can advertise your business through the gift. 

Air Trends International is the preferred choice for various type of businesses, including ad agencies, hospitals, government, airlines, educational institutions, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Their clientele include Fortune 500 companies.  

If you need gifts for promotions, events like tradeshows and exhibitions, or as giveaways then you can get in touch with them. They can individualize products like air fresheners that you can give to your customers. They even offer private label manufacturing and can offer design assistance to clients to design the perfect personalized gift.  

You can visit their website and design the custom air freshener of your choice. It is easy and simple to create a personalized air freshener. You can create your design and place your order to have the gifts shipped to your location.