Team Spirit™ Custom Air Fresheners

School & University Fundraising

Air Freshener Fundraising

Above air freshener pricing does not include shipping costs.

Personalize Air Fresheners with Your school name, mascot, sport, club, activity or event!

Raise money for equipment, uniforms, band, class trips and more.

Give customized air freshenersout for rewards. Sell your sports teams and band air fresheners in your school stores!

Sports Team Air FreshenersFootball Air FreshenerFootball Helmet Air FreshenerPaw Print Air FreshenerSchool Year Air FreshenersLetter Air Fresheners

Custom Header Cards

Choose the shape, color and fragrance for your freshener. We will print your artwork and text to your specifications.

All for one great price!

  • Promote your school name, mascot, sport, club, activity, or event.
  • Make great profits
  • Show your school pride, and Team Spirit™

Air Freshener Options include:

  • Header Cards with your designs
  • Boxed
  • Specially Created Fragrance
  • Custom Die-Cut Shape
  • Special Requests


Great for schools